Den Pobedy / Victory Day

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Thursday 5/10/12

Yesterday was for many Russians the most beloved holiday of the year - Victory Day. Victory Day (May 9th) marks the capitulation of the Nazi Germany to Soviet Union in the Second World War.


Here in Nalchik, at least, the day was marked by traditional celebration. There was a small military parade in front of the court house or the White House as they call it here. On the program as well: traditional Russian and local music combined with the local dance.


In Nalchik people celebrated the day the traditional way, i.e. enjoying the beautiful May weather, going for a walk in the one of the town’s parks, or by going out on a picnic either in the nature or following the fantastic local tradition of a "car picnic" using one of the town’s many squares.


Here is the receipt for a successful "car picnic":


Park your car to one of the town’s big squares. Turn on your stereos, open the trunk and get your beverages. Serve the beverages from the top of the front hood of your car and keep the trunk open to make sure each and everyone nearby has the chance to enjoy of the music pouring out of the loudspeakers placed in the trunk. After being done with these necessary preparations you just drink, enjoy of  the music (or rather get an ear damage due to the irrationally loud volume), drink more, start dancing the local dances, whistle loudly as you cheer to the other dancers, drink more, dance more and enjoy of the day. After the beverages have been consumed or you just have had enough you throw all your trash on the ground next to your car, get in to the car and drive to the next destination... After it has gotten dark there are many other functions you can use your car for to celebrate or just enjoy of the holidays but I won’t go any deeper in case I have readers of all age...


Anyway, being a Finn and being well aware of the fact that our country paid a high price during the war we fought against the Soviet Union from 1939-1944 I chose not to celebrate the day too much. Instead, I had a two-hour individual work out with some of my team mates.  

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