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Saturday 6/9/12



In mid-May I got to experience both extreme highs and extreme lows (the latter on a footballers scale). The highs came in the form of becoming father for the second time and the lows just 6 days later when I injured my knee. How unlucky can you get? It was the last cross of the warm-up before I would have started the international friendly against Turkey for Finland. I was feeling great and sure that this would be my evening on the pitch. Well, someone wanted it differently. As I landed my other foot got caught on the grass but the rest of the body kept on moving… The result is that I got operated in Helsinki at the Dextra hospital past Thursday and am expected to be out for about eight months.


According to my wife one of my main characteristics has always been profound optimism. There’s no good in dwelling in the situation. That’s why my thoughts are already focused forward. Currently I’m mapping the best options for my rehab in order to make sure that I’ll get the best possible treatment and training in order to be fit when the time comes. I’m glad to have the support of the Finnish FA and to be able to use the expertise the national team has in their supporting staff.

I am mentally ready to face the challenges ahead. Just bring it on!

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