One Small Step

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Monday 8/6/12

One Small Step for a Man…

…but one giant leap on the rehab process. Yes, I’m walking again!

It’s been a rather long and complicated process. The surgery in itself went well but unfortunately I was unlucky enough to get an infection on my knee one week after it. During this summer I’ve been in and out (well, mostly in) of hospital because of the complications. I am grateful for having been in good hands throughout the entire process and for having received excellent care. My surgeon at Dextra, Dr. Mikko Kirjavainen, deserves big thanks for having taken my calls even during his summer vacation and for having fixed things the way that I could receive the best possible care.

Because of the infection I haven’t been able to start rehab until now. The positive side is that my knee has had good time to recover. Currently it seems that the reconstructed ligaments haven’t suffered any harm despite the infection. I will continue to keep my fingers crossed…

A few days ago I took my first steps without crutches again. Strange but wonderfully liberating! As my surgeon put it: “you’re in no rush” – that’s painfully true. Despite moving forward slowly it’s still a wonderful feeling to be back on my feet again. Now the trick is to try hold myself back so I wouldn’t overdo it the first days.

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