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Monday 9/3/12 time 11:07 PM


 Good things have happened lately. Drinking coffee with relatives enjoying of the summery weather that at last reached Finland; berry-picking with my daughter and enjoying of the nature’s products every day; new explorations on the training front with Pilates technique as my aide; and, most importantly, progress in rehab. Currently my situation is that I have started working out again. I am allowed to train strength two days in a row. Biking is still rather limited as my knee doesn’t bend optimally yet. The current rehab program I am following is Pilates inspired. To support that I have also taken a few Pilates lessons from the great professionals who work at Somatic Studios in Helsinki. It’s great to be back in business again (or at least being allowed to sweat and train so hard that my muscles ache the next day). I know I have many tough months of training ahead of me, which is why it’s great to be able to savor these small joys of life. As my physiotherapist put it, I should store this feeling in a bottle and save it up for later days. I know there will come days when I need to crack that bottle open and find strength from remembering these good feelings.

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