Dinner for one

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Tuesday 9/18/12 time 11:25 PM

I´m now back in Helsinki and had a busy day today. I had a consultation with my surgeon Dr. Kirjavainen. Good news: my knee is stable and looks pretty much like it should 3 months after the operation.

From there on I went to Somatic studios and had a good session with my physiotherapist Jari-Pekka "Gene" Keurulainen. Some new and more demanding exercises were added to my training program, which caused shaky legs but gave a peaceful mind.

So, good nutrition was needed... 

This is what I made out of fresh local ingredients.

dinner.jpgstarter.jpgStarting with a mixed green salad, cottage cheese and mustard dressing. Only to continue with some delicious zander, chanterelle sauce and steamed potatoes, carrots, and cauliflower as side dishes. Yummy! But who´s going to do the dishes?


9/19/12 12:50 AM  Ritva Vyyryläinen

Well, it was so nice to meet you and your family at Oulu Finland before your consultation back in Helsinki:) Good luck and hope to see you soon again :)

9/25/12 11:27 PM  Otto

Thanks Ippa! It was good to meet you and Anna. Hope to see you soon again!

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