Feeling alive

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Tuesday 9/25/12 time 11:34 PM


pyorakuva.jpgI rounded up my training week last Sunday by training outdoors. What a perfect way to finish a good week at work! One of the great joys of being a football player is that I get to work outside in the (often) fresh air. Sunday’s workout was actually my first one outside since the injury in May, and I have missed training outdoors. Therefore it probably felt extra good. And the work out?  


My speed was nothing to brag about but my father´s 20 years old Peugeot served its purpose well. Even the autumn storm which was saluting my workout didn´t bother me. Experienced as I am, I chose to fight the first half of my tour against the wind only to enjoy the lightness of cycling while having the wind behind my back on the way back home.

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