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Thursday 10/18/12 time 12:24 AM

2012-10-15_18.18.32.jpgOn January 19th 2010 I started a big adventure. It all started at hotel Kremlin Palace in Antalya, Turkey when I joined Spartak Nalchik´s winter training camp. I still remember the confusion I felt when entering Kremlin palace´s lobby filled with Russian speakers. At that time of the year the hotel was inhabited with teams from former Soviet countries. The language in Spartak´s trainings was Russian and I didn´t speak a single word of it. It felt a bit weird but at the same time it was tempting – wouldn´t it be great to make it in Russian football? This is how my adventure as a Spartak Nalchik player started.    

Being the first western player in the history of Spartak Nalchik, I got a warm welcome from the fans and everyone else. Luckily my goalkeeper coach, Sergey Krashenko, spoke English. David Siradze, who became a close friend, spoke German with me. Both were of great help. Playing for Nalchik offered not only great success but also some bitter disappointments. We played in freezing weather followed by extremely hot conditions. I´ve made long trips by plane and even longer trips by train. I´ve made friends for life, I´ve got to learn fantastic new traditions, I´ve encountered hospitality I never knew existed, I´ve drunk the best beer in the world, I´ve been skiing at Mount Elbrus, I´ve had the chance to enjoy the Russian sauna culture (which is nearly as good as in Finland), I have witnessed car driving I couldn´t even imagine in my worst nightmares, I´ve fallen in love with the most delicious Caucasian cuisine, I´ve been able to play in front of great fans… Moreover, I´ve had the privilege to play with amazing players and to learn from specialists of the highest quality.  

On the other hand, I´ve also suffered from loneliness at times without my family who stayed in Norway. I´ve been frustrated because of the language or better to say because of my lack of it (and the others´ lack of English). But what doesn´t kill you makes you tougher. I´ve learned that the Russian saying: vso budit harasho, is actually true. Sooner or later things will work out – there´s no need to stress.

I´ve just returned back from Nalchik where I spent 4 memorable days. Due to my injury I´m not able to play football this year, and therefore I´ve come to an agreement with the club to finish my contract immediately. So I´m a free agent from now on. The next big issue is to get fit for football again and then we´ll see where my journey will continue to.

I wish to thank each and everyone in Nalchik for the great time I´ve had there both on and off the pitch! You´re hospitality has touched me and my family. Hope one day I´ll be able to give something back!


10/19/12 10:07 AM  valalav

Thank you OTTO!

10/19/12 6:36 PM  bemmby

Many thanks. our dear friend Otto! We are the Spanchik fans, thank you for your work and your love for us. We wish you happiness and... good luck for you!
Remember Nalchik! :-)

10/19/12 8:16 PM  Spartak-Nalchik fan

We are always glad see you in Nalchik.
Thanks for everything. Good luck in the national team!)))

10/19/12 9:03 PM  Uncle

Otto we already miss you in nalchik! Thanks for such warm words! Thanks for all the games and all the saves! You will be remembered in Nalchik for long! Not only for professionalism, but for your humanity and braveness. Its good you say do svidania and not proshai. You are always more then welcome back. As a goalkeeper, as a friend, as a guest! Get well very soon and lots of luck+

10/20/12 12:48 AM  Andreas

Are you comming back to Norway then?
It's abort time you come and visit us in our new house

10/20/12 10:40 PM  Замир

Очень жалко что ты покинул Нальчик,спасибо за теплые слова в наш адрес. Может помнишь нас? Я и мой брат тебя подвозили с аэропорта на базу когда ты летел с Финляндии.Ты летел с моим братом было это в последнем сезоне примьер лиги перед матчем с Зенитом в котором счет был 2-2. Мы тебя тогда приглашали с нами отдохнуть,но у тебя тогда не получилось. Ты дал телефон,ноя потерял номер.

10/23/12 12:37 AM  Otto


Я помню Вас хорошо. Я также помню ваше приглашение. Спасибо еще раз за это. Очень неудачный, что мы никогда не имели возможность сидеть вместе и есть шашлык.

10/23/12 12:41 AM  Otto

Thank you everyone for your kind wishes!!!

Andreas, weŽll come and visit you guys as soon as soon as possible!

11/4/12 12:01 PM  Red-White Djigits

our dear friend Otto! We will all miss you. but know that the door to us are always open for you. will be happy to see you again. best of luck in his future career. with best wishes RWD.:)

11/28/12 11:51 PM  Otto

Red White Djigits: Thank you for your kind wishes!

11/6/13 8:34 AM  Замир

Как вы поживаете?

11/6/13 10:03 AM  Otto

Спасибо, что спросили.
Я хорошo и плохо.
Жизнь хороша, но я еще не могу играть в футбол после моей травмы колена.
Я работаю трудно чтобы вернуться на поле.
Моя цель, чтобы играть в футбол могу следующей зимы!

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