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Monday 10/29/12 time 12:01 AM

Believe it or not but this has been the longest stay of my life in Helsinki so far. The city where half of my family comes from has been a little distant to me until this summer. Now nearly five months have passed since I arrived to Helsinki  in the beginning of June. A lot has happened and I've learned tremendously since then. I've experienced tough times after my operation, I've enjoyed of some really good moments with my closest family and friends, and I've felt the progress when it comes to my rehabilitation.2012-10-27_17.29.41.jpg

A rainy summer (at least that's what they call it - I didn't notice anything because I spent most of the summer inside) has passed by and the autumn or better to say winterish conditions have taken over Helsinki and the rest of Finland. With the new season approaching it is also time for me to move on.

I started my rehab with my physiotherapist Gene Keurulainen  (also known as "The Guru" in my family) about 11 weeks ago. If I look at the big picture my progress has been linear. On the daily basis, however, I've had some setbacks which have really scared me off, but I guess that is part of the game. At least that is the answer I always get from Gene. He has checked me dozens of times after I've been complaining about different types of pains and so far he has always been right.  Yesterday I had a final check with him before I would leave Finland and I am happy to announce that everything was good! In addition, I had a great last (at least for the moment) training session at Somatic Studio including a pilates class and my own strength program. I could do all of my exercises more or less as they are supposed to be done. And for the first time in a while I really felt good and strong after the session. What a great feeling! I definitely should bottle that feeling for later use. It was a great way to finish my rehab period at Somatic Studio. The personnel have already  nicknamed me “furniture” because I have spent so much time in there. Thank you Gene, Minna, Ingrid, Ulla, and everyone else at Somatic Studio for your gratuitous help, great support, and expertise. Training at Somatic Studio has been really inspiring and I hope I have been able to give at least a tiny little bit of something back to you guys.

Despite the obstacles I've had during my stay in Helsinki I feel that I have landed on my feet again. I'm not running yet but I am leaving Helsinki with hope in my heart. It'll all be good again. Anu & our daughters, Mum & Dad, all my caring relatives, friends, and everyone else: thank you so much for your unbelievable support these past months! Having your support has meant the world for me.

P.S. At the moment I am heading back home to Norway.  I am looking forward to spending a few days home before heading further. The next step after Norway is Olonne- sur-Mer in France. The plan is to get fit again in France, and I am really looking forward to working together with Jérôme Brunier. Jerry, hope you are ready! :)

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