Around 2600 kilometers later

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Thursday 11/8/12 time 10:40 PM


After a total of four days in the car, two nights on two different boats, three at a hotel (and three in the meanwhile at home) I’m finally there! Château d’Olonne at Vendée was at its best when I arrived as I could drive the last 300 kilometers of my journey in beautiful sunshine.

The reason for my coming here can be easily summed up: I want to get fit with the help of Jérôme Brunier. The fact that the grass is green here all year round and a fantastic beach is only a five-minute walk away from my house doesn’t hurt either . J (The picture below was taken just a few days ago.) Jérôme (or “Jerry” among friends) is a French physical coach with whom I had the pleasure of working with already in 2006 when I arrived to Lillestrom. During my first year at LSK he worked at the club as our physical coach. Our professional paths separated long ago but we’ve kept contact throughout all these years. At some point pretty early after I got injured I started to play with the idea of coming to France so he could be in charge of my” re-athletization” process.  Jérôme was willing to take the challenge, so here I am.



Because of my long journey we’ve taken the first training sessions rather easily. The first days’ sessions have included yoga, pilates and biking. It’s great to be finally at Château d’Olonne. Being here means that I’m taking one step forward in my recovery process as the going slowly but surely will start to get tougher.

Our plan with Jérôme is to gradually increase the training load, and already soon to include some football elements into the training. My aim is to follow this process in this blog and hopefully post photos and even some video material of our training sessions.


11/9/12 2:57 AM  Ivar

Good luck with the rehabilitation!

11/9/12 2:13 PM  Jari L

Moro Otto .sitten kun jalka antaa myöten eti vankka seinä ja käytä sitä.Tiedät kyllä miten .Pistäkää jalka kuntoon pelivuosia vielä edessä Ter. Jari

11/9/12 5:39 PM  Karra

Tsemppiä One!!

11/28/12 11:47 PM  Otto

Thanks Ivar!

Kiitos Karra!

Jari: Kiitos neuvosta! Seinä on jo löytynyt. Pitää enää saada polvi vähän parempaan kuntoon, niin pääsee ottaan koppeja. :)

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