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Sunday 2/17/13 time 10:19 PM

Right after my arrival to Les Sables d’Olonne in November I witnessed the departure of Vendée Globe, the solo sailing competition around the globe. 98 days and 21 hours later I was able to witness the arrival of the tenth competitor, Tanguy De Lamotte. The atmosphere in Les Sables was excellent. There were thousands of people greeting him on the shores of the channel as he gled to the Port de Plaisance of Les Sables.  As the tradition goes he led his emergency lights when entering the channel since there was no more need for them.

Tanguy De Lamotte arrived to his destination almost three weeks after the winner, Francois Gabart (Macif) but just the fact the he completed the course is worth saluting. We are still waiting for the last remaining competitor, Alessandro di Benedetto, to arrive. If he makes it back without any setbacks he’ll be the eleventh out of twenty sailors to complete this year’s Vendée Globe. This says something about how demanding the race is. I believe the pictures I took speak for themselves. Just look at the joy and relief on Tanguy’s face! And, imagine the joy he has brought to all those who have followed his course closely. As the French put it: “Il nous a fait rêver” – he made us dream.

Following Tanguy’s return to Les Sables was just one part of a perfect Sunday. In past few days we’ve been spoiled with fantastic weather with temperatures that we in Scandinavia normally reach in May and with practically no wind. Most of my day off was therefore spent outside, and I rounded up the afternoon with a game of rugby (as a spectator though).

What comes to my training and re-athletisation I have to say that it’s looking good at the moment.  I’ve had quite a bit of progress these past weeks and the knee is feeling good. I’ve got plenty of work ahead of me but it feels great to notice that the hours spent working out are starting to pay off.



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