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Monday 2/18/13 time 11:13 PM

This blog has unfortunately been on the side line for the past weeks as I’ve been very busy. Mainly I’ve been kept busy by training and everything that comes with being a professional athlete (taking care of oneself ), but a growing amount of my time has also been used to studies. I started studying Sports Management in the FIFPro Online Academy last fall. However, now I will hopefully finally be able to start the project I’ve been planning for a while already: documenting a whole week of my training.

At the end every week my physical trainer Jérôme proposes the plan for the week ahead. Some adjustments are made underway if/when needed, but so far we’ve been able to stick to the plans quite well. The aim is to find a balance between different types of training methods and to find the right balance between work load and rest. Currently we are at week 16, and this is how the plan looks like:










Pilates in Nantes (1,5hr)

Training at the stadium including goal keeper work



Strength for the legs

Training at the stadium including running and goal keeper work





CYBEX test at Niort

Strength for the upper body and core training





This week’s plan is somewhat unusual because of the second CYBEX test that will take place on Wednesday. Because of the test we’ve had to eliminate a few training sessions. So far we’ve been training 8-9 times a week. Since I’ve had quite a bit of progress these past weeks we’ve been able to start training harder and more intensively. Thanks to the improvement, I can now work on my aerobic capacity on the soccer pitch. Therefore the weekly biking sessions have been eliminated from the program.

For a longer while already I’ve been curious about Pilates and how it could help me in my sport. As I was forced to start from scratch after the operation I finally had a chance to indulge in this great training method last summer. It all started at Somatic Studios in Helsinki, and since I arrived to France I’ve been taking weekly private lessons at Pilates Nantes, which is about 100 kms from Les Sables. I’ve been privileged to work together with Patrice, an Australian former pro-ballet dancer who owns the studio. As my knowledge of Pilates has increased my conviction of the usefulness (if not necessity) of it has gotten even stronger. It would probably have saved me from a lot had I started to use the Pilates methods earlier in my career. If you ask me Pilates should be mandatory for every young athlete.

To the Finnish speaking readers: here's a link to an interview that was published at Somatic Studio's website.


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