One of Those Days

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Tuesday 2/19/13 time 11:14 PM

One of Those Days...

...when I feel that my decision to come and do my rehabilitation in Les Sables was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. It’s been a great day!

The morning started on the bike as I rode from home to the stadium. The weather was great again! We’ve been training regularly at the stadium twice a week for about 3,5 months, and it has rained only during a few of those training sessions.  I don’t know if we’ve just been lucky or if Jerome has a special karma but that’s pretty incredible minding that we live right on the coast of the Atlantic!

The session on the pitch was planned to be quite easy, and it lasted for about 1,5 hours. We did warm-up and coordination for 30 minutes followed by Redcord exercises and specific goal keeper exercises. We didn´t do the usual running on the pitch in order to save my legs for the cybex test tomorrow.

The second session of the day was yoga. The yoga class was good as always and gave me a great 1,5 hour escape from the reality. At the same time I got the stretching my hamstrings really needed after yesterday’s Pilates. I have to mention that the yoga class is instructed both in French and in English and I´m really thankful for the English version… My French has improved but it’s still not good enough to survive a yoga class en français.

When I biked home from yoga the thought occurred to me: it can’t get much better than this. The weather was gorgeous and I had to pinch myself to remind me that we’re actually in February and not in May as the weather might suggest for a Finn. It´s been one of those rare days when I haven´t really had any significant pain in my body and I’ve had the chance to spend a lot of time outside training in the perfect weather. Can’t complain.

I´m looking forward to tomorrow and the test to find out if my legs have gotten any stronger during these past three months...




2/19/13 11:55 PM  Ippa Vyyryläinen

Hei Otto, mukavaa kevättä sulle ja perheelle. Täällä Suomen fanit seuraa tilannetta :)

2/20/13 11:05 PM  Otto

Kiitos Ippa, sitä samaa teille kaikille!

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