Confirmation of My Gut Feeling

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Wednesday 2/20/13 time 11:34 PM


The cybex test (to measure the difference in strength between the legs) in Niort today was a success. It was good to see that three months of work have paid off.  My left leg has gotten much stronger. The quadriceps has increased its maximal strength by 38 % and the hamstring by 25 % compared to the test taken in November. The strength difference between my right and left leg has decreased from 40% to 26 %. The French experts say that the difference should be less than 20% before starting competitive football again. So you might well say that I’m getting closer day by day. :)



2/20/13 11:40 PM  -Kaitsu-

Way yo ho Otto! ;)

2/20/13 11:42 PM  -Kaitsu-

Apologies. Typing with phone.
Way to go!

2/21/13 11:12 PM  Otto

Apology accepted. With your fingers it isnīt a surprise! :)

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