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Saturday 2/23/13 time 12:47 AM


Yesterday was, as planned, a rest day for my legs. We did a 2-hour strength session for the upper body at the gym. After the training I had my weekly massage. It really made my day!

Today we had another 2-hour session at the gym.  It was all about proprioception, balance training, and core. I did different kinds of core and balance exercises and jumps using balance boards, a bosu ball, a trampoline, and a fit ball. You can see some of the exercises in the pictures below. It´s amazing to feel how the body reacts to these exercises. It is well-known that the muscle nervous system needs to be woken up before it really starts to work. Still, I’ve been very surprised to notice how radical the progress is from the first set on the balance board to the last one…   I guess I´ve never worked on this field of physical training on as goal orientated and planned manner as I do now when doing my rehab with Jerome. Some coaches make their players do a short set of proprioceptive exercises prior to every training. First now after feeling the effect in my body for real I truly understand why. After having experienced the effect of proprioceptive exercises myself the result of many studies seem obvious: this kind of a wakeup before the training must reduce injuries in non-contact situations. Unfortunately this obvious thing is very often forgotten in football.

Tomorrow’s session will take place at the stadium and I´m looking forward to a good session.balance.jpgfitball.jpgfitball2.jpgproprioception.jpg


2/23/13 7:52 PM  Henkka

Interesting to hear about the importance of proprioceptive exercises. Here we all could do better I guess. Wish you all the best! Br.Henkka

2/25/13 12:24 AM  Otto

Thank you. You nailed it Henkka. :)

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