Another good week

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Sunday 3/3/13 time 11:24 PM

I have now survived yet another training week and am looking forward to a restitution week that’ll start tomorrow. As I have mentioned before we work in four-week cycles. Three tough training weeks are followed by one lighter week where the amount of training sessions and the training load is lower than during the tough weeks. To be honest this upcoming restitution week is definitely needed. This week has been hard and my body needs some restitution.

This week we’ve had a total of nine training sessions. Two out of those took place on the pitch, the other sessions included the weekly sessions of Pilates and yoga as well as quite a bit of strength. We’ve also spent one afternoon on the bikes and took a test on the tread mill to determine my pulse zones for the upcoming sessions. Running on the tread mill didn´t feel exactly as the highlight of the week… And I’ve felt it afterwards as well! Anyway the running needs to be done and actually the result from the test wasn´t that bad.

This week we’ve had the pleasure of having the goal keepers of the local club, ESCO FOOT Château d’Olonne, with us when we’ve been training at their great stadium that we’ve had the pleasure of using all this time. That has allowed us to increase the intensity and take in use some new training activities. Having another goalie adds to the quality of the shots I receive as well (not that I can complain about Jerome – he is surprisingly good ;) ). Having them training with us has also lifted me mentally as I feel I’m getting closer to a normal training situation that takes place in a team of goalies.

The photos below are from Saturday’s training session. The other goalie in the pictures is Mathieu, the goal keeper of the local club ESCO FOOT Château d´Olonne. MathieuMehyppykaantyminentorjuntalaukasu_Mathieullepuolivolley

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