One More Milestone Reached

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Thursday 3/28/13 time 12:38 AM

What a nice feeling to be back in football training! I´ve had good progress in the trainings with Jerome these past few weeks and tonight it was time to take a step further. I trained with the local team TVEC 85 Les Sables d´Olonne and it went actually very well. No new injuries and I was able to fulfill the entire keeper section of the training. As planned I held myself back and didn’t participate in the game. It wasn’t easy to stay on the sideline and continue training with the goal keeper coach while the others started playing, but I didn’t want to overdo it at my first training. Two hours after the training finished I feel as if I had done something more significant than just an ordinary keeper session… Great to feel it again after 10 months!

Thank you TVEC 85 for your warm welcome and for having me at your training! Looking forward to training with you again.

P.S. Look at the keeper on my left... Barthez still going strong. :) 



3/28/13 12:51 AM  Stephane

Next time, you'll save many goals thus enabling your team to win the game ! Keep up the good work :-)

3/28/13 6:16 AM  Kaitsu


3/28/13 8:54 AM  Lars Ivar

Fantastisk lesing :-) hils Birthe hehe, trodde han hadde slutta. Kjør på! Hils familien

3/28/13 11:23 AM  Pekka

Seems very good

3/28/13 11:05 PM  Otto

Thanks Stephane! Have a good time in Paris!
Takk LarsI, skal kjöre på men först er det påske. :) Hils du også.

4/3/13 11:44 AM  Siku

Hyvä Otto! Seuraavaks klubin kanssa Mestareiden liigaan?

4/4/13 1:05 AM  jussi

Jokos Klubista on otettu yhteyttä?

4/4/13 1:23 PM  Otto

Jussi, eikös "Siku" ole klubin valmentaja. :D :D

4/4/13 1:26 PM  Otto

Kiitos "Siku". Hyvä visio!

4/4/13 2:03 PM  Jari L

Moro Otto mv-val. profiili jotenkin tuttu.Hieno homma että olet jälleen torjuntakunnossa . Ter. Jari

4/6/13 1:55 AM  FinnFan

Keep going! I certainly hope you are in fit soon and available for try-outs to high-profile football clubs. Our national team needs you; 1-1 in Spain could have ended 0-1 with you ;)

5/15/13 12:52 AM  FinnFan

Otto, we are waiting for more blog posts. :)

7/2/13 8:28 PM  Seppo

Missä mennään? Joko olet täydessä kunnossa? Uskallatko kertoa mihin suuntaan on virityksiä pelipaikan suhteen?

7/8/13 5:03 PM  Otto

FinnFan: Sorry for remaining silent for so long. Will post something today.

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