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Wednesday 7/10/13 time 12:31 AM


It’s been a while since the last posting and a lot has happened since then. I have returned back to Norway after having spent six good months in France, and as I have left France behind I feel it’s time to thank everyone who has contributed to the project there. Jérôme and Marianne, thank you so much for everything both on and off the training sessions! It was great to be neighbors and a pleasure working together with you! Patrice and Antoine at Pilates Nantes, I thoroughly admire your professionalism and highly appreciate the kindness you showed us. The Pilates lessons in Nantes were often the highlight of the week for my entire family. And when speaking of Nantes I must mention le Brasserie Waldor and Laurence & Franck. Le Waldor represents in my eyes one of the great parts of France, namely, the food. It became a routine to eat a three-course-lunch there after Monday’s Pilates sessions. The first time we ate there was mostly by coincidence but after having tested Franck’s down-to-earth but delicious cuisine we just had to come back. With Laurence’s service impeccable even good food tastes a notch better if possible. I have also had the pleasure of co-operating and getting to know many other fantastic people: Vincent, Guillaume, Stephane, “Franco Baresi”, Geoffrey, and all others. The progress I made during my stay in France hadn’t been possible without you guys. When I arrived to Les Sables d’Olonne I was told that the people of Vendée (the department to which the town of Les Sables belongs to) are known for their hospitality. Well, all of you have proven this to be true. Thank you!

The Finnish-speaking readers might have noticed an interview published at “” at the end of May.

Unfortunately I faced a setback in early April while training with the local team in France. I went to Helsinki for a thorough check; the outcome was mainly positive but I’ve been forced to take it easy for a while and go back to a training level that was far behind the level I had already reached. I have been of course disappointed by the set back in my recovery but I am definitely not discouraged or about to give up! I´ve been working lately a lot for strengthening my legs and the work seems to pay off as there have been already some signs of progress. When I´ll be able to return to football is still unsure but I will take the time that it needs!

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