A Clean Knee

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Saturday 8/31/13 time 7:41 PM

Last Thursday I went through a small operation at Dextra Hospital in Helsinki. In the aftermath of the operation it was evident that the operation was necessary as they managed to remove the objects that have been causing me some harm and have been slowing me down these past months. The operation went well but I need to take it easy for a few weeks before I can again increase my training load gradually. In around 6 weeks I should be able to do most of the things on my plan. Im looking forward to better days.

P.S. To those of you interested in nynorsk: this summer I had the pleasure to visit Austrheim, the home community of Gunnar Noreboe, a good friend of mine. Here's an article published in the local paper, Nordhordland, about our training session together in Austrheim.





9/1/13 12:11 AM  -K-

Thumbs up!

11/26/13 1:13 PM  Sasha

Back in full health?

11/27/13 5:29 PM  Otto

Hi Sasha.
Thanks for asking.
Im unfortunately still struggling with my knee. My goal is to play football again maybe in March or April.

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