Movember Close Down

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Sunday 12/15/13

So, Movember has passed and my moustache is gone. I'm sure many of you think it's a shame, but hey, there's no need to be depressed: the next Movember is less than 11 months away! 

This year´s campaign was a real success not only for me personally, but also for my team Huuhkajat, and for the entire Finnish campaign. My personal campaign managed to raise 220 euros, which is exactly 220 euros more than last year. My team Huuhkajat (the Finnish national team in football) finished at 17 204 euros being the biggest fund raiser in Finland, and the whole Finnish campaign had a significant increase in both registrations as well as raised funds ending up at 17 323 registrations and 400 000 euros!

It´s been a great experience to be a part of the power of the Mo.

A big thank you to everyone who supported & followed my moustache. I'm counting on you again next year!


As Movember finally has finished I have suddenly lots of free energy that previously was reserved for growing my moustache. Now I've been directing it to my rehabilitation. I'm making progress (though slowly) even though this week has been more or less off because of illness. When I feel fit enough to continue working on my rehabilitation I am going to try out ice skating as an addition to my training program. No shocks on the knee joint and at the same time a good exercise for the legs – that's at least the plan. I´m eager to see how it works!


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1/24/14 4:49 PM  Heimo

Hey! Are you able to return to action before Scandinavian series start, or is the plan now on summer?

1/27/14 2:52 PM  Otto

Hi Heimo,
Thanks for asking.
It´s a good question...
At the moment it seems that the Scandinavian series start a bit too early for me.
So the plan points towards summer.

6/3/14 4:30 PM  Kalle

Mitä Otolle kuuluu? Joko jalka on pelikunnossa, vai oletko jo siirtynyt pelikentiltä muiden haasteiden pariin?

6/4/14 11:43 AM  Otto

Terve Kalle.
Kiitos kysymästä, hyväähän minulle kuuluu.
Teen kovasti töitä, jotta saisin jalan pelikuntoon, mutta vielä on hieman matkaa jäljellä.
En ole luopunut toivosta palata pelikentille. :)

9/22/14 9:22 PM  Reijo

So you're back in action? How about a new blog post before the next Movember is over?

9/23/14 1:35 PM  Otto

Hi Reijo,
I guess you can say that I´m back in action as i played 90min for Lørenskog in the Norwegian 2nd division on Saturday.
Thanks for your initiative about a new blog post.
I agree that it could be about time to post something new. :)

2/6/15 6:48 PM  Even

Hei Otto,
Lykke til videre :)

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