From One Fredrikson To Another

Saturday 9/15/12 time 11:34 PM


Home sweet home! Though I often describe myself as a nomad thanks to a life on the run, I would identify the town of Oulu in Northern Finland as my home town. This is where many significant events in my life have taken place. This is where I started to train seriously aiming to become a professional football player; and this is where I spent the crucial teenage years of my life. I still have many friends and family members in here. That’s why it is so great to be back in the capital of Northern Finland.

I don’t think I have spent this much time in Oulu since I left the town in the beginning of 2002 to move to Mönchengladbach. During these past few weeks in North I’ve been thinking back to the good old days of my youth. I can tell you the wind is still the same but money smells less. (For those of you not familiar with Oulu: part of the town’s characteristics is its paper industry. Back in the time when I was a child the paper factories smelled quite a bit. Here in Oulu they often commented the smell by saying that money smells.)

While in Oulu I’ve been training at Pilates Oulu which is located at the old Åström leather factory which has been reconstructed. In a way it could be said that I’m walking in my grandfather’s footsteps: back in the late 1940s my grandfather (now 92 years old) worked at the Åström’s leather factory here in Oulu and has thus worked inside the same building as I have these past weeks. The times and our professions are different but it feels good to feel the connection. The time in Oulu could be seen as important for my grandfather as he later on started his own leather factory in Jyväskylä and surely had use for the knowledge and experience he was able to gather in Oulu.

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